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James Humann

MASS TORT UPDATE: Surgical Infection Injuries and Heater-Cooler Devices Used During Cardiac Surgery

Patients who underwent open-chest surgery and subsequently suffered from serious bacterial infections are filing lawsuits against LivaNova PLC (formerly Sorin Group Deutschland GmbH), the manufacturer responsible for the Stockert 3T Heater-Cooler System. New studies indicate that the Stockert 3T devices were likely contaminated during the manufacturing process with the rare bacteria called Mycobacterium chimaera (M. chimaera).

James Humann

MASS TORT UPDATE: District Court in Cook IVC Filter Litigation Denies Defendant’s Appeal to Block the Deposition of its Former President

The District judge held that a review of the sealed documents shows Cook’s former president was involved with the “strategic decisions regarding the enhancement of the Tulip filter and the development of the Celect filter to increase market share. … Most importantly, the documents reflect that he was aware of the risk that both IVC filters could perforate the wall of the vena cava.”

Chuck Paglialunga


Why would a jury award 417 million dollars to one woman who used talc? The answer is justice and economics.  In order for a jury to award a sum of money so large, the jurors must have heard evidence during […]

James Humann

Multi District Litigation Update – BARD IVC Filter Discovery Deadlines Set

Discovery deadlines have been set in IN RE: Bard IVC Filters Products Liability Litigation (MDL 2641). According to the Court’s December 22, 2016 Order, the final Bard IVC Bellwether Group 1 cases are scheduled to be chosen in late-April 2017 with […]

Virgilio Solis

Mass Torts vs Class Action: What’s the Difference?

Every day, thousands of people in the United States suffer from side effects caused by drug prescriptions. Consequently, these people find themselves in a constant struggle as they go through pain, embarrassment and insurmountable medical bills. However, many people choose […]

Chuck Paglialunga

Risperdal Lawsuit Update – What Does It Mean When A Jury Awards $70 Million In Compensatory Damages To A Risperdal User?

A jury awarded $70,000,000 to a boy who developed female breasts after taking a Johnson & Johnson drug.  The drug is Risperdal.  Risperdal causes changes in hormones, sometimes leading boys to develop female breasts.  The breasts are often permanent and […]

James Humann

$55 Million Verdict Second Against Johnson & Johnson in Talc Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit

In landmark verdicts this year two juries have found Johnson & Johnson liable for knowingly failing to warn customers that the company’s talcum powder products (including Shower-to-Shower and Johnson’s Baby Powder) have been linked to ovarian cancer in women. First, […]

James Humann

What is the difference between a wrongful death action and a survival action.

When the use of a defective product or device results in the wrongful death of a loved one, two types of lawsuits may be asserted by the deceased person’s family – a wrongful death action and a survival action.  These […]

Chuck Paglialunga

First Witness in Trial Over Johnson & Johnson’s Liability for Woman’s Ovarian Cancer Resulting in $55 Million Dollar Verdict: Johnson & Johnson Should Warn Of Risk

The first witness in a Missouri trial resulting in a 55 million dollar verdict against Johnson & Johnson was David Steimberg, a consultant and expert in the business practices of cosmetics companies.  Mr. Steinberg advises cosmetics companies how to abide […]

James Humann

Bair Hugger Hip and Knee Replacement Infection Lawsuits Are Moving Forward

Hundreds of surgical infection lawsuits linked to the 3M Bair Hugger forced air warming blanket are currently being litigated in the U.S. federal district court in Minnesota. The Bair Hugger is a portable forced-air heater that is connected by a […]